I started Bergamin Beads in January 2004, when I first became aware of lampwork beads and went to a class with Pauline Delaney here in Melbourne.
After that I went to several more classes with her, followed by classes with lots of other lampworkers mainly from America but also from Germany.
This lead onto me starting to make jewellery using my beads and simple stringing methods. I then decided to use some gemstone beads as well and eventually joined a lapidary club and began to cut my own cabochons. I also started going to workshops and learning how to solder silver and to cast silver and make settings for some of my cabochons. 
Since then I have tried my hand at faceting stones as well.
I like to make my jewellery using everything I have made myself though I do use high quality commercial gemstone beads and other peoples' cabochons if I think they are different to anything I have made.
I strive to produce the best cabochons, beads and finished jewellery that I can and would never knowingly sell something I regard as second rate.
I attend several lapidary shows in Australia each year as well as two in America, one in February and one in June. This information can be seen on my "Shows" page.
These last few years I have been attending workshops with both Navajo and Hopi Native American jewellers as I enjoy making silver jewellery using their inlay and casting techniques. I have also been to week long 'intensive' classes which concentrate on various silver jewellery techniques.
I would like to think that I will always be able to find something new and challenging to do with the media I have chosen and will continue to go to various workshops for as long as my brain, body and husband's patience hold out.

This page was last updated: October 30, 2019