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All of the beads in my bead sets are made by me. Some of the beads on this page are able to be bought individually whilst others are sold as a set. This is indicated after the price. Buyers in Australia can pay via direct deposit or by contacting me with their credit card information. Overseas buyers are welcome to use their credit card. All prices are show in Australian Dollars. (AUD) 
Light pink coral with fine silver dots.

Purple tabs with Raku twistie.

Bright discs with black and white twistie edge.

This page was last updated: January 14, 2018

Black, turquoise and orange lentils.

Multi coloured spacer beads with bright twistie stripes.

Transparent peach with gold leaf.

Encased raised purple florals with dichroic glass.

Pink beads with blossom frit.

Sea green with silvered blue frit.
Multi-coloured eye beads.
White flowers on black lentils with green frit.
Light lapis with fine silver dots.
Multi coloured beads.

Etched beads with enamel and frit.

Green beads with pink murrini.
Etched pink barrel beads.

Etched spacer beads.

Silvered glass in green and blue with encased poked dots.
Silvered blue glass with raku.
'Sputnik' beads.

Multi coloured dot beads.

Multi coloured filigrana beads.

Multi coloured striped beads.

Pale blue beads with floral frit.

Multi coloured raised dot beads.

Transparent peach with aurae spirals.

Transparent light lapis with aurae shards.
Multi coloured disc beads.

Multi coloured spacer beads.

Green beads with blossom frit.